About Orani Suhay Foundation

Orani Suhay Foundation, Inc. Is a non-stock, non-profit, apolitical, socio-economic, and service organization. It is committed to work towards the improved general welfare of the residents of Orani and its adjacent towns within Bataan Province, through its projects and activities. OSF aims to raise the standards of living of the poor communities it servers.

Our History

OSF is the brainchild of the late David M. Consunji who wanted to give back to his hometown by helping the poor. It is in Bataan that his roots where strongly planted and it is the same place he wanted to grow by empowering the community. 

Realizing the value of education – through formal means in schools and in teaching livelihood, Consunji collaborated with 11 other incorporators to create a foundation that would empower the communities of Orani, Samal, and Hermosa. On July 4, 2001, the Orani Suhay Foundation was formally registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The foundation has two main arms – the Suhay Scholarship and SSUWAK Livelihood. Unique in its proposition, Suhay Scholarship aids qualified students in their final year to complete their college education and those who are reviewing for their board examinations.

SSUWAK Livelihood is a program for the poor communities to create income and alleviate poverty.

Our Logo

SUHAY is a Tagalog word expressing support and protection against impending strong winds and weather. Suhay is built to protect houses, fences and trees. Bamboo is commonly used because it is a plant, does not break easily and bend with the wind. 

The logo was conceptualized by Msgr. Romeo Banaban (one of the Foundation’s incorporators) drawing inspiration from the strength of the people of Bataan and symbolized by the characteristics of suhay.

  • “O” stands for Orani and is shaped as a lifesaver to prevent one from drowning. It has an earthen color to depict the people of the Earth, specifically the poor sector
  • “S” stands for Suhay emboldened in blood red color to draw attention to the level of poverty needing alleviation. The poor are described as those left with little or no option for betterment
  • “F” stands for Foundation designed like a bamboo roof, connected to the Suhay, and in green color depicting stage of a just starting hopeful organization

The whole logo has no borders, to show openness to any situation demanding solution.

Our Vision

A community aware of its options and effectively empowered to utilize its potentials through the Orani Suhay Foudation, Inc. as the center of services.

Our Mission

Suhay supports the initiatives for the welfare of the people of Orani, Bataan and its adjacent towns through services that develop proactive outlook in life.

Board of Directors

Board members’ profile (as of 2017)

  • Chairperson: Ms. Luz Consuelo A. Consunji
  • Vice Chairman and Treasurer: Mr. Belthecezar de Pano
  • Exec Dir: Mr. Benigno P. Andres
  • Auditor: Mr. Rolando Adraneda

Incorporators and Charter Members:

  1. Mr. David M. Consunji + (Incorporator)
  2. Msgr. Romeo Banaban + (Incorporator)
  3. Dra. Ester B. Sy-Quimsiam+ (Incorporator)
  4. Mrs. Josefa Anselmo+ (Incorporator)
  5. Mrs. Lourdes S. Pagtalunan (Incorporator)
  6. Mr. Rolando Adraneda (Incorporator)
  7. Ms. Estelita de Pena (Incorporator)
  8. Mr. Benigno P. Andres (Incorporator)
  9. Mrs. Geotilde Reyes (Incorporator)
  10. Dr. Eduardo dela Cruz + (Incorporator)
  11. Dr. Godofredo Galicia, Jr. (Incorporator)
  12. Mr. Delfin Magpantay (Incorporator)

Our Goals

We aim to achieve

  1. To help improve the general welfare of the people of Orani and its adjacent towns by carrying out projects to improve their living conditions and outlook in life.
  2. To develop the capacity of target beneficiaries in addressing the socio-economic concerns of the citizens of Orani and its adjacent towns.
  3. To develop the capacity of Suhay to become an efficient and effective service institution in the province of Bataan.
  4. To actively work in partnership with local, national, and international agencies, as well as individuals for support and other common concerns.



  • Educational Scholarship for indigent
  • Creation of library / Information Centers
  • “Lakbay Aral” or exposure trips to various provinces
  • Summer Youth Camps
  • Annual Art and Theater Workshops
  • Sponsor Annual Sports Clinic
  • Sponsor short-term technical, non-formal education courses for out-of-school youths


  • Sponsor livelihood skills training in coordination with government agencies such as TESDA, TLRC and DTI.
  • Livelihood assistance to deserving beneficiaries
  • Sponsor annual trade fairs / caravans
  • Conduct trainings / orientation on organizational management, feasibility studies, project identification and development, project monitoring and evaluation, etc


  • Participation in the celebration of Environment Month
  • Sponsor symposia in schools, environmental conservation and biodiversity issues.
  • Spearhead awareness raising activities such as clean-up activities in communities or waterways
  • Disaster Preparedness training and seminar


  • Conduct medical and dental missions
  • Conduct seminar on Family Values, etc.
  • Donation drives or campaign for the needy such as books, school supplies, clothes, etc.
  • Welfare assistance such as medical, financial etc.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

Oscar Wilde