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About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2001 by Engr. David M. Consunji, Orani Suhay Foundation is a non-profit, socio-economic and service organization committed to making a lasting, positive impact among individuals and communities.

The Foundation envisions a future where Filipinos are empowered to achieve their full potential through active learning, community development, and responsible citizenship. As such, we remain committed to investing in and supporting iniatives that drive progress and development with a primary focus on expanding access to quality education.

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Our History

The Foundation's name, "Suhay", is inspired by the Tagalog word for a type of bamboo scaffolding designed to safeguard homes against strong winds and inclement weather. Similarly, the Orani Suhay Foundation embodies the same resilience and adaptability characterized by suhay.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has spearheaded a range of activities, including microfinance programs, disaster relief efforts, donations to religious charitable organizations, and vocational and livelihood training seminars. Following the passing of its founder, David M. Consunji, in 2017, Orani Suhay Foundation launched the David M. Consunji (DMC) Scholarship Program with the primary goal of providing financial support to promising students at Bataan State Peninsula University (BSPU). To date, the Foundation has assisted 214 BSPU students with nearly half currently pursuing professional accreditation. Beneficiaries of the DMC Scholarship Program represent diverse fields, from Engineering and Architecture to Accountancy, Agriculture, Education, and Information Technology, among others.

Over the years, the Foundation has evolved in response to the ever-changing needs of our beneficiary communities. True to our founder's vision, we maintain an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement with the belief that every new project should reflect the Foundation's best. As the Foundation continues to grow, we plan to expand the scope of our educational programs to encompass a broader range of target areas and beneficiaries.

Our Vision

A Filipino nation empowered to realize its potential through active learning, community development, and responsible citizenship.

Our Mission

Suhay supports initiatives for the welfare of socioeconomically disadvantaged or marginalized communities. Suhay provides services that promote progress and human development.

Inspired by the United Nations' Global Vision

Orani Suhay Foundation drives tangible change through its educational programs. Our Foundation believes that education has a significant impact on uplifting communities, promoting social mobility, and driving sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

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No Poverty

We believe that quality education empowers inviduals and enables them to break out of the poverty cycle

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Quality Education

Our programs aim to provide greater access to equitable and inclusive quality education

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our Foundation is committed to equipping individuals with the skills needed for meaningful and sustainable employment.

Uplifting Communities

To improve the welfare of the under-privileged by carrying out projects which uplift their living condition and outlook in life.

Breaking Barriers

To develop the capacity of target beneficiaries in addressing their socio-economic concerns.

Active Collaboration

To partner with individuals, local, national, and international agencies in improving the delivery of our services.

Sustainable Growth

To become an effective and sustainable institution.

Our Goals

Our Foundation's goals support nation building and growth through educational initiatives that empower individuals and communities.

Our Values


Suhay operates with the highest ethical standards and ensures that its programs are delivered with transparency and accountability.

Dignity of Work

Suhay believes that gainful employment is not only for personal enrichment but contributes to the larger goal of a prosperous, productive and enlightened society.

Love of Country

Suhay recognizes the importance of contributing to the development of the Filipino nation and the well-being of its citizens.


Suhay encourages individuals to take responsibility for their personal development and contribute to the betterment of their community and country.


The organization promotes empathy, compassion, and concern for others, which is at the core of the Foundation’s commitment to serving the community. 

Board of Trustees

  • Luz Consuelo A. ConsunjiChairperson
  • Benigno P. AndresVice Chairperson
  • Lourdes S. PagtalunanTreasurer
  • Khristine Carissa M. ConsunjiExecutive Director
  • Catherine C. GloriaTrustee
  • Rachel ConsunjiTrustee
  • Godofredo B. Galicia, Jr.Independent Trustee
  • Gloria V. CalaraIndependent Trustee